Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names – My Random Thoughts About Them

Basketball, in my opinion, is a serious sport that requires great amount of skills, stamina and focus. This is a sport that requires a physically fit body and great amount of knowledge and decision making. It’s a serious game that needs undivided attention.
But there are times that basketball games, may it be at the amateur or pro league, turns into a comedy show. Images of hilarious moments inside the basketball court (samples are posted below) are passed around the internet. And if you will browse around YouTube, you will find lots of videos that highlight basketball bloopers in and outside the basketball court. They are quite viral and hitting lots of viewers because of the fun and laughter it offers.
Funny Basketball Free Throw Distraction
Funny Basketball
Aside from funny videos, basketball in a whole can turn into a comedy show when funny fantasy basketball names are applied and used. Although you can’t use such fantasy basketball names at the real league, you can use them anytime and anyway you want at the online world.
Online fantasy basketball websites are such a hit nowadays. The reason behind it is that, such sites give you a chance to win cash online. Aside from that, it also offers a fun, entertaining and lighter side. My favorite part of playing fantasy basketball online is picking up a funny team name that can surely give you a good laugh.
Below are some of my favorite funny fantasy basketball team names that for sure you might find hilarious as well. Enjoy!

Hoops! I Did It Again!

Dengnam Style

I Must Blake You

Smokin Trees & Strokin 3s

Nothing But Nets

Houston Rockettes

King Salmons


Bosh Spice

Lone Granger

Some of the above team names are based on NBA players’ names. The list I have here is quite small compared on what you can find at other websites and blogs online.
For me, creating and listing up funny fantasy basketball names is truly entertaining and relaxing. Why? Well it gives me giggles and laugh about the game I enjoyed watching at.
How about you? What are your thoughts about it? Can you share your own funny basketball team name at the comment section below?

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  • aianananalalala

    ayaaaan hindi ako fan ng basketball eh hahaha. ala ako maisip. nakakatawa yung mga picture!! =DDD