Your OOTD Guide for that One Summer Party

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Wow! It’s been what? More than 1 year of hiatus from the blogging sphere. I sure did missed my platform! Now here I am trying to crawl back and saving them super duper late blogpost that I personally think is still worth sharing!

And since it’s been such a long time, here’s a blogpost that’s perfect for you upcoming Summer Party, may it be your company summer outing or with your friends! Given the fact that Philippines is a tropical country, you can always expect that Summer will be hot and to make it sizzling, I came across where you can score that OOTD for your party! 

I’m no expert in Fashion because, Exhibit A, but I do know that when it’s hot, you can always opt for outfit where you can easily move like cheap shift dresses. These are dresses that will give you that bohemian look which you will totally look fab in! Complete your outfit with some flower crown and boots and you’re good to go. Read more…

March 17, 2016

Short Guide to Caring for Potted Plants

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Growing plants and flowers has become an increasingly popular hobby. It’s a great option for both people who live in homes with a backyard or those living in an all-enclosed apartment, with or without a porch. It allows gardening aficionados to grow a beautiful range of flowers, vegetables and other plants and shrubs.

But some people get frustrated by the challenges of caring for potted plants because they are unaware of how to do so in space-restricted environments.

You can help your mini-gardens flourish with these tips on how to care for potted plants:

Choose the right sized pot.

Beginners usually make the mistake of buying the wrong pot for their plants. The first step towards deciding on a pot is to understand the plant and how it grows, both over and within the soil. The worst thing you can do is place a plant in a container that is too small for it. The size of the pot can make a strong difference in a plant’s health.

Be mindful of pots’ details


Flower pots come in all shapes, colors, sizes and materials. They are designed with a variety of characteristics not only to create an appealing aesthetic, but also to be appropriate for different conditions, weather and plants. When selecting pots, make sure to consider whether the material is appropriate for the placement – for example, not all pots are made for outdoor use. Well-designed plastic flower pots can be a good option for both indoor and outdoor use due to their stability and UV-resistance. On the other hand, material like fibreglass may be best used outside.

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February 26, 2016

Not sure which IVF with Egg Donation Clinic to choose? Check Best Clinics Ranking

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In Vitro Fertilization procedure has become more and more popular infertility treatment method over last decades. Due to dynamic development of medically assisted reproduction area the number of clinics concerned with infertility treatment has grown immensely. It causes the situation where there is a wide range of IVF facilities available, each offers various procedures and they differ from each other based on quality of care, selection of services and price. This may cause doubts for couples who want to become parents about which place to choose and what would be the best for them. Thanks to Best IVF Egg Donation Clinics Ranking searching and picking out the most suitable facility has never been so easy! 

Best IVF Egg Donation Clinics Ranking is an online tool created to facilitate the process of browsing and comparing various clinics based on selected criteria and thanks to that make a conscious decision about best clinic and treatment available. It is the instrument for couples interested in using procedure of IVF with donor egg allowing them to look into most advisable facilities, clinics with most experience, highest efficiency, with most certified specialists and make informed choice. 

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December 1, 2015